Personal Training with Marcel Markwirth

Have you already tried everything? Visiting the gym with moderate or no success? Nutritional adjustment or diets?

Personal Training Mallorca

Find with me the optimal balance between exercise and a balanced diet and all without boredom or even frustration and sacrifice. Contact me now for your free consultation.

I’m Marcel Markwirth, your personal trainer on Mallorca and I would like to work together with you to achieve your goals.

Feel free to contact me and we will arrange an appointment. Let’s start with united effort.

I offer

  • Personal training Mallorca
  • Personal training online
  • Group training
  • Company fitness
  • Golf fitness
  • Nutritional advice
  • Self-defense courses

Personal Training Online

Lose weight

Weight loss

You have a few pounds you want to loose or feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

No problem, as your personal trainer in Mallorca I can help you to finally feel comfortable again. Next to a healthy diet, a lot of sport and regular exercise help you to lose weight.

From now on, your inner “weaker self” no longer has a chance. Together I shall accompany you to your desired weight with the right training, tailored to your needs..

With an iron will and my support, we will achieve your goal. I would be happy to create a personal nutrition plan for you and to additionally offer you personal training or, if you prefer to train at home, an online fitness training – individual or in a group.

Muscle power

You want to build muscle effectively?

The main focus, next to the right exercises, is a healthy, protein-rich diet and sufficient regeneration.

In addition to a muscle building program tailored to your needs, you will also receive, if desired, a nutrition plan to support muscle building.

Arrange your personal training now and become stronger than ever before.

Healthier diet

You want to eat healthier in order to feel better and fitter?

I am happy to help you. A healthy diet is just as important as plenty of sport and a regular exercise.

Learn with me which drinks, and food will help you on your way. Of course, you will also receive an individual nutrition plan, tailored to your needs.

Make an appointment now and let me consult you.

Getting rid of back pain

You have a job where you have to sit a lot and therefore suffer from constant back pain?

Other causes can also be considered: an injury, obesity, or weak back muscles.

If you want to get rid of your back pain permanently, an effective and long-lasting back training will help. With the right back exercises, I will help you to finally be able to move again without discomfort.

Make an appointment now so that we can work together to strengthen your back.


Are you afraid on the way home or have you already had negative experiences?

If you no longer want to feel helpless, then make an appointment now. I am a self-defense trainer and am trained, among other things, in Muay Thai boxing, K-1, all-fight jitsu and military close combat.

With the newly gained self-confidence, I help you to apply the right actions in emergency situations.

What my customers say

Tim „Toupet“

The best motivator and trainer on the island – whenever I’m on the island, he makes me fit for the stage – besides he also pays attention to the right attitude to nutrition and gives great tips. Recommendable!!!

You want to finally reach your goals?

Please contact me and we talk about the next steps.