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You went to a gym for several month or years but without results? You tried some kind of nutrition concepts? I guarantee you perfect results!

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Your health, your fitness, are my motivation!

My offers for you

  • Personal training Mallorca
  • Get more powerful in your daily life
  • No more pain in your backache
  • Loosing weight
  • Increase weight
  • Nutrition concept
  • Outdoor fitness (use your bodyweight)
  • Indoor fitness
  • Self-defense
  • Learn how to dance

Personal Data:

Born in 1983, height 175 cm, weight 83 kg

  • Master of Arts Prevention- and Health Management
  • Bachelor of Arts Health Economics
  • Personal Trainer
  • Former Instructor of military special forces
  • Coach for prevention and rehabiliation
  • Expert of functional fitness
  • 1st Dan (Black belt) Kickboxing (WKU Spain)
  • 2nd place international (2009) Ju-Jutsu
  • Trained in Muay-Thai-Boxing, K-1, ju-jutsu
  • Self-defense instructor
  • Drill-Instructor
  • Hip Hop Dance Coach
  • Nutritionist
Lose weight

Losing weight

You have a few pounds too much and feel uncomfortable in your skin?

No problem, as your personal trainer on Mallorca I will help you to finally feel comfortable again. In addition to a healthy diet, regular sport and a lot of exercise will help you lose weight.

I will help you to get more motivation. Together I will accompany you up to your desired weight with the right and customized training.

With an iron will and my support we will reach your goal. I will create a personal nutrition plan for you and offer you personal training or, if you prefer to work out at home, Zoom or Skype fitness training – alone or in a group.

Build muscles

Do you want to build muscles effectively?

In addition to the right exercises, a healthy, protein-rich diet as well as sufficient regeneration are in the foreground.

In addition to a muscle-building program tailored to your needs, you can also receive a nutritional plan to support muscle building.

Arrange personal training now and become stronger than ever before.

Eat healthier

You want to eat healthier to feel better and fitter?

Let me help you with this. A healthy diet is just as important as regular sport and lots of exercise.

I will show you which drinks and foods support you and create an individual nutrition plan, tailored to your needs.

Make an appointment now and let me advise you.

Get rid of back pain

Do you have a job where you have to sit a lot and therefore suffer from constant back pain?

Other causes can also be considered: an injury, overweight, or too weak back muscles.

If you want to get rid of your back pain permanently, an effective and long-lasting back training helps. With the right back training, I will help you to finally be able to move again without complaints.

Make an appointment now so that we can strengthen your back together.


Are you afraid on the way home or have you ever had negative experiences?

If you no longer want to feel helpless, then make an appointment. I am a trainer for self-defense and among other things trained in Muay-Thai-Boxing, K-1 and Ju-Jutsu.

I will help you regain more self-confidence and show you how to defend yourself in emergency situations.

Fit on vacation thanks to personal training on Mallorca

Regular exercise and a healthy diet contribute to a longer, more mobile and healthier life.

As a personal trainer on Mallorca, I offer you a fitness training tailored to your needs and help you to eat healthier in the long term through an individual nutrition plan.

Due to numerous qualifications and trainings, among others as fitness economist B.A., fitness specialist, teacher for fitness, trainer for cardiofitness as well as nutrition trainer, I am your perfect partner for fitness and health.

You are currently in Mallorca to relax and unwind? Think also about your fitness. Maybe you have to sit a lot in your job and rarely get to exercise. Sitting for long periods often leads to back pain. Specific training to strengthen the muscles can help and reduce pain. I will show you how to correct your posture and strengthen your back in the long term during individual personal training on Mallorca.

Would you like to finally feel safer again in everyday life? As a trainer for self-defense, who has mastered Muay-Thai-Boxing, K-1 and All Combat Jitsu, among other things, I can help you to gain more self-confidence and show you how to defend yourself in emergency situations.

You are an active sportsman and do not want to miss your training even on vacation? Arrange an appointment. We will work out a training plan tailored to your needs, so that you stay fit and are fully motivated in your everyday life.

Or have you always wanted to learn more about healthy nutrition, food compositions or the diet that is right for you? Maybe you are also interested in losing a few pounds – without going hungry and with delicious recipes. I can help you as a personal trainer on Mallorca.

Whether companies, groups, couples or individuals. Whether vacationers, newcomers or locals. I have the right program for you. Always individually tailored to you and designed according to your wishes. Make an appointment now and let me advise you personally.

You want to finally reach your goals?

Please contact me and we talk about the next steps.