Self-defense for women

Self-defense for women

Trully every woman knows the feeling of discomfort or anxiety in certain situations. With my self-defense course you will learn how to defend yourself against even a much stronger aggressor in the event of an attack. Just knowing your own strength and potential will help you to be more confident in such situations.

I am a self-defense trainer and among others, trained in Muay Thai boxing, K-1 and all-fight jitsu. My self-defense courses are conducted in small groups of up to 16 people – in Germany and Mallorca. Current appointments are available on request.

I will help you to be more self-confident, provide you with a greater self-assurance and show you how to recognize dangerous situations and how to ultimately defend yourself in case of an emergency in emergency situations.



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Saturday, 10.09.22, time: 13:30 Uhr ( 3 h) Location: NWS CrossFit Landsberg am Lech

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Contact me now, whether you want to register directly for one of the courses or need more information. If required, I am also happy to offer the training right away at a group price, e.g. for companies or clubs.