Self-defense for men

Self-defense for men

These are situations that everyone hopes they will never have to live through. And yet, moments in which a man has to defend himself or his family against one or more attackers cannot be ruled out.

With my self-defense course you will learn how to defend yourself against even much stronger aggressor in the event of an attack. Just knowing your own strength and potential will help you to be more confident in such situations.

I am a self-defense trainer and among others, trained in Muay Thai boxing, K-1 and all-fight jitsu. My self-defense courses are conducted in small groups of up to 16 people – in Germany and Mallorca. Current dates are available on request.

I will help you to be more self-confident, provide you with a greater self-assurance and show you how to recognize dangerous situations and how to ultimately defend yourself in case of an emergency in emergency situations.

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Sunday, 11.9.22, time: 10:30 Uhr (3 h), Location: Ort: NWS CrossFit, Landsberg am Lech

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Contact me now, whether you want to register directly for one of the courses or need more information. If required, I am also happy to offer the training right away at a group price, e.g. for companies or clubs.